Working with tenacity and flexibility; improving through technology and professionalism:
this is how we build our prefabricated cemetery structures.


Where tradition and innovation meet.

Research, creativity, and design pave the way for flexibility and development.

R.P. RIVESTIMENTI PLASTICI S.R.L. has been founded in 1986 and is rooted in the tradition and in the experience gathered since the seventies in a family run business which was already engaged in the plastic coating of metal supports and similar items. Right from the beginning the professionalism and the tenacity of the owners and of the staff has characterised the company, which progressively secured its success on the market. The growth begins at the beginning of the nineties when the diverse processing are diversified, the human resources improved, the technical resources extended, arriving gradually to a better distribution and specialization of work, in addition to the strengthening of the business process and of the governance.

Precast steel ossuaries and cemetery structures

Today R.P. RIVESTIMENTI PLASTICI S.R.L. operates in various fields, including the metalworking, nautical, and funerary structure construction industries. We exploit the advantages of plastics and their applications, as well as the technical innovations we develop. Consistency and flexibility has allowed us to be always ready to take on new transformations and present a highly innovative product: a cutting-edge modular structure to replace traditional reinforced concrete ones. This patented structure is lightweight and easy to install, and it’s made of sturdy, environmentally-friendly materials.

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